All of my photographs are available on ceramic tile.
You can also have your own photographs put onto tile.

 Where do people display tiles?


Living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. The vibrant, high gloss look  of your tiles will give you a chance to make a powerful statement - a beautiful addition to your home. Consider hanging many of them together as a set - a creative alternative to large framed artwork.



Display your tiles on easels (easels are also available for sale).

Hang them with or without a frame - hooks are glued to the back.

Your tiles won't be ruined by moisture, so hang them confidently in kitchens, bathrooms, vacation homes - any place where moisture might be a problem.

Ceramic Tile Murals - Frame Them, or Install Them

Most of my images are available as tile murals. Murals can be framed, installed on bathroom or kitchen walls, or even laid onto the tops of tables. They can be ordered in a variety of shapes and sizes. Here's a sample mural:


Chania, Crete, Greece

Limited Edition - 30 Piece Tile Mural

Each tile is 4.25"x4.25"


Install your images or mine onto the walls of your kitchen or bath.





How to Order Photos on Tile

To order any of my images on cermaic tile just call in your order or fax in the attached order form:

Order form for David's images onto ceramic tile.

Here's the link for custom-made tiles from your own photos.

Order form for putting your own images onto ceramic tile


Frequently Asked Questions About Photos on Tile

Why do you print your photos onto ceramic tile?

I think my artwork lends itself to the unique quality that the tiles offer. With the tiles I can make my images really “pop” the way I intend them to. The tiles give me a chance to create images with rich, saturated colors - plus the combination of the dyes used to create the image and the tile’s glaze help give the images a more powerful three-dimensional impression that can’t be achieved with photographic prints.

How do you hang them?

My images on tile all have hooks glued onto the backs (you can also place a special order to get my images without hooks if you prefer). The glue used for the hooks is especially strong. It will hold 4000lbs/in of pressure, so you can be sure that the hooks will hold. If you are ordering your own custom images on tile, you have a choice of having a hook glued to the back for a small additional fee, or you can get your tiles without hooks.

Can you put my own personal photographs on tile?

Yes. Call or e-mail us for more information, or refer to this link:

Link to the Custom-Made Tiles Order Form 

Phone: (617) 738-1980

Fax: (617) 738-5230